susan blackman

Founder + Director

Susan Blackman, Founder + Director of Art Advisory, Ltd. / Photo Credit: Tom van Eynde

Susan Blackman, Founder + Director of Art Advisory, Ltd. / Photo Credit: Tom van Eynde

Advocating the power of art underlies my work in every way.

With advanced degrees in business management, over 30 years of experience in the art world, acting as director for five galleries and as founder of my own, I’ve developed authentic expertise in the business of art.

Beyond the above life-markers, launching Art Advisory, Ltd. has been a culmination of these significant accomplishments. As a result, my straightforward and customized approach delivers honest, defined results to those seeking real expertise in curating artwork and flow for their space. My 3-dimensional thinking has always been front and center … so I’m no stranger of working from blueprints. Using my chain-link thinking, I excel in taking clients through the process for top-notch results just for them.

Having a real love for the value of art, a strong presence in the local arts community takes priority in my professional and personal life, actively serving on boards and investing in other creative endeavors. Also, I’m a strong believer in women making their mark in the business world, so Art Advisory Ltd. is a successfully certified Women Business Enterprise.

Having the opportunity to work with my wonderful clients and bringing their environment to life is beyond fulfilling, it’s a gift I’d like to share with you.

All My Best,



our philosophy

We believe in the power of art.

We also believe in creating a total experience with you from beginning to end … management of logistics, creative and strategic guidance, high-level relationship, and giving your environment its own unique voice.

Our unwavering goal is to curate the perfect, meaningful collection of art that is totally custom to you. Distilling our collaboration with you into the clearest understanding of your needs, wants, values and culture means we go way beyond just listening — we design the most powerful, sophisticated answer for the long term. This approach allows us to literally transform your space into one that inspires, empowers and impresses all who enter every day.



It’s no secret that art has tremendous impact in a space and its environment. Our extensive background in the art and gallery world, plus an abundance of sophisticated services means our professional role as Art Consultant keeps the process worry-free and seamless. Everything from moving and inventory, to in-depth conceptual analysis, art selection and installation, we invest in every step. 


  • Collection Deaccession expertise and management

  • In-depth conceptual analysis and space planning

  • Focused art selection process

  • Site-specific commissions

  • Inventory and collections management

  • Collection Deaccession management

  • Museum-standard framing, crating, shipping, delivery and installation
    (Union / Non-Union)

  • Exhibition promotion and programming

  • Auctions

  • Collection Catalogue Development

  • Appraisals

  • Art Rotating Programs


Why us?

There’s something to be said for having over 30 years of experience and being a well-established, high-quality art consulting firm!

Although the end goal is the procurement of the perfect artwork, we give you excellence through every step of the process … ensuring you have stunning, highly curated results.

And, unlike the process of working with a gallery or dealer (where one is tied to what’s in inventory), we have extensive, world-wide connections with artists and the art world, allowing us to develop superior acquisitions and commissions that are uniquely suited for each client … every single time.

Art Advisory, Ltd. complements your goals and empowers your space. We devote our expertise to the highest-quality solutions specifically for you.